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     Michael Dunn 

    How do I add Google Analytics to my Magento store?

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    wangari wangari 

    This will mainly be determined by if you are using the original Google Analytics or Universal Analytics.

    Using the original analytics

    The process would be as follows:

    Step 1: Go to admin area and go to System>Configuration>Sales>Google API

    Step 2: Enlarge the Google analytics sector.

    Step 3: Select Yes from the enable drop-down menu.

    Step 4: Input your Google Analytics account number in the field where it says Account Number.

    Step 5: By clicking on Save Config, the Google Analytics code is added to your site.

    Using the Universal analytics

    It is worth noting that universal analytics is not yet supported out of the box in Magento- as at CE 1.7. To have it added to your site, you will need to make a slight modification of your theme.

    NB: Where you are running the Old analytics as well as the universal analytics concurrently, note that there is compatibility between the Universal tracking code and the old code. Google recommends running them concurrently to ensure there is no breaks in your accounts. The old code can subsequently be turned off once you are pleased with the new system.

    Here is how to proceed:

    Step 1: Sign in to Google Analytics and Create New web property.
    NB: Old property is for previous data while the new property captures the Universal Analytics

    Step 2: On the Prompt for a tracking method, choose Universal Analytics. It is presently the default option for all new web property on Google.

    Step 3: A tracking code will be given to you which you will need to add just before the closing tag on your current Magento theme.

    Step 4: Edit this file app/design/frontend/<YOURTHEME>/default/template/page/html/head.phtml by pasting the tracking code at the very end, to add it to your theme.

    Step 5: Upload it to your site and to ensure your changes are updated, take note to refresh the Magento Cache.

    If not confident enough to edit the file from step 4 above, go to configuration settings of your store.

    Log in to Magento admin area> system>configuration>design>HTML head

    Find the Box where you can add tracking code. It is labelled Miscellaneous Scripts. Scripts within this box appear just prior to the closing </head> tag

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