WordPress is a content management system that is based on PHP and MySQL. Their features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. It is the world’s most popular blogging platform, and it is being used by over 20% of the top 20 million website as of March 2015. The plugin architecture allows the user to utilize the features and functionality of a website or a blog. WordPress has over 40,000 plugins available each of which offers custom functions and features that enable users to adjust their sites to suit their preferences. Such customization ranges from client portals used to display private information to users, search engine optimization and so forth. Due to its features, WordPress is very beneficial and therefore, recommended for use in the implementation of any site or blog.

1. Extended Functionality by Use of Plugins

One of the major benefits of this is that it allows you to extend the functionality of a site or blog by the use of plugins. If there is a need to add an event calendar, video/photo gallery, Facebook feed, Fan box, comment section or even more of that to your site, the use of WordPress plugins makes all that achievable. Many of these plugins are free of charge or reasonably priced.

2. WordPress is Favored By Search Engines

In addition, search engines favor WordPress sites. This is because the coding behind WordPress has been simplified, which makes it easier for search engines to read, interpret and index a site’s content. Each page, post, and image can have a meta tag keywords, title and description and can be optimized for specific keywords that allow the search engine optimization. You can also make use of tags to further enhance your search engine optimization efforts.

3. User Friendly

WordPress is a self-contained system and does not need HTML editing software (such as Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver) or FTP software. You can create a new format text, blog posts, page, upload and edit pictures, video clips, image galleries and so on without the need of additional FTP or HTML software. WordPress is very easy to use for it has an intuitive interface. One can quickly add new pages, blog posts, videos images on a daily basis. With the technology being made so simple, time spent on formatting is greatly reduced. Furthermore, it does not require PHP nor HTML knowledge as compared to other content management systems. Pre-installed template function allowed them to be installed quickly. It is a very favorable choice for beginners.

In addition to user friendliness, WordPress themes are designed in such a way that it is responsive to mobile devices. This makes it hassle free in comparison to other content management sites which have to be manually adjusted to make the themes responsive.

4. Improved Security

WordPress has improved security. Just like other sites, hackers make several attempts to break into websites. However, it has been noted that WordPress proves to be more secure and hacker-proofed, better than the traditional websites. How so? WordPress templates are more secure because the coding behind that is done in programming languages then encrypted afterward.

5. Real Simple Syndication (RSS)

In case of the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) visitors can subscribe on their smartphones to get access to the entire posts through RSS reader. It does help to inspire visitors to visit over and over again. When readers like content produced by a blog, it follows that they would want to know when new content is uploaded. That is where Real Simple Syndication comes in. They will play along with automated notices made by email that there are new posts on the way. This would trigger former visitors to come back and read more articles.

6. Customizability

WordPress is highly customizable because of the numerous plug-ins and themes availed by the site. In addition, it is easy to customize. WordPress have forums which offer support to users in case of any queries. Another option is managed WordPress hosting . In managed WordPress hosting, WordPress allows one to make his/her site fully customizable so that any upgrades and performance issues related to WordPress are supported by the expert staff. This ensures your brand can shine in the interweb and provide a versatile experience to visitors.

7. Provision of e-commerce Solutions

Just by a click, a WordPress blog can be converted to a digital store. This is highly convenient made possible by plugins in WordPress. One option is TDWS Entrperise Hosting which is mainly designed for e-commerce. It is flexible enough for users who have a huge website traffic. Enterprise hosting is taken to the next level and enables an entrepreneur to work seamlessly.

8. Availability of a Multi-User Interface

WordPress has made the provision for having more than one user to run the site. With several options paired with varied degree of control of the site, it is possible to have different users able to access the site.


Last but not least, WordPress is a free software with up to 2,600+ free themes. The fact that one can download WordPress, install it and modify it for free does make it enticing.

Once you have your site up and running, hosting services from TD Web Services come highly recommended depending on the need. It is a flexible platform for the reason that one can have a range of services at affordable prices. For instance, one can opt for business hosting as a starter shared hosting option.

Indeed, WordPress is the best option when selecting a content management system.

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