Bloggers enclave just got real! Now here is the thing. We all cannot be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and write code or dream it up in our sleep. It is important to learn or decide how you will manage the design aspect of your blog.

There are a number of options such as google to learn, hire a designer or ask a friend and last but not least, attend bloggers enclave.

This week we covered the look and feel of our blogs and how they felt to the reader. At the end of last week’s session we got an assignment to pick out themes we liked. Then we applied them to our blog and input the navigation i.e. the categories. While the focus aspect of it was clear, the design of a blog is different altogether.

There are some things that you should heed when picking out a design.

What to consider when picking a design

1. Site should be relative to your content

2. Colors should be readable

3. Overall output should be in line with the expectations of the outcome i.e fashion should be chic, food should be clean etc.

4. It should have consistency and keep the reader engaged

5. Definitely eye catching

This session of bloggers enclave had appreciate that failure is real. Like in any business you will have challenges and you will fail. One of the things that helped was to receive external feedback. TD Web services arranged to have a focus group review all our blogs that we had designed based on focus and look and give the feedback.

The session was enlightening and made us finally see the real value of blogging. There certain things on design that can make one have a lot of bounces.

Feedback on design choice

It is important to even ask those around you to give you their feedback on your design of choice. Here are some of the things we got out of it:

1. The font was too elaborate (keep it simple)

2. The color was too dull (make it captivating)

3. “I did not know it was a fashion site” (let the look and feel send a message)

There are a number of things that you need to look into when working with a WordPress site. Considering a managed option may ease the hassle. Check out the comments from the bloggers enclave forum on the design session.

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