Blog focus is the most important aspect of blogging. It is only followed by content in the order of priority. Many times individuals start with the content only to get overwhelmed later on. The general idea needs to be directed to the direction that you choose it to be. Focus of the blog is how you define the blog and ensure you are not overwhelmed in future.

It has not been easy finding the focus of the blog. Some of the reasons that can cause the blog to overwhelm you are:

1.    Generalizing a concept

2.    Taking on too many categories at once

3.    Lack of a plan

Although it seems like blogging should be easy especially for something that you are already passionate about, finding the right focus is crucial.

The session on focus on bloggers enclave was one of the most enlightening of them to date. All the bloggers had made the common mistake that most bloggers make. They just randomly started posting content. For some it deviated to general fields while for others it ended up looking like a personal journal. That is for the most part not what they were looking into.

There were 2 consecutive sessions (Focus Basics) from last week.  This week we explored the focus and direction for the bloggers with contributions from the moderator as well as the bloggers.

Having a group of peers taking the journey together and experiencing the same transition is motivating. The input adds perspective and opens one up to the readers’ point of view.

The session was like having a focus group looking into your blog and giving you feedback. While this is possible for corporations to conduct focus groups and figure out the readers view, it is not possible for limited budget blogging. This is one of the reasons that have made bloggers enclave a huge success to date. The resources that are either found by reading online for countless hours, or paying for the content, is availed to you step by step.

What is Focus?

The huge takeaway from the focus sessions was

1.    Make a plan

2.    Explore what your content will be

3.    Start gradually, then diversify as you grow

4.    Make a commitment to achieving the set course

There is further information on focus in the Bloggers enclave forum where you can also interact with other bloggers who have taken the journey.

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