Struggling to find the right hosting solution? I can totally relate to that. It can be really overwhelming because there are so many choose from. You don’t want to pick the wrong one because if you do they can suffer from poor performance, which slows your site down. That can cause real SEO problems because Google judges your rankings on page speed load times. It can also affect the way that visitors to use your site. If a page is taking too long to load than they can just press the back button and go somewhere else.

This is where TD Web Services comes in. I have been a Blogger for several years now and have used various web hosting companies over the years. After trying numerous different hosting I decided to try TD Web Services and was really glad that I did.

Not all web hosting companies are the same. I know. I have a company blog that was losing subscribers. I found that it was due to the long load times are sometimes not even being able to connect. I was frustrated so I went searching and found TD Web Services. I decided to try them out by moving my blog platform to them. What a difference. They are so fast and very reliable. It has not been down once since I moved there. I even got most of my subscribers back! I am looking at ecommerce next. I am sure it will be great! I still can’t get over the speed.

They have a number of other hosting packages from shared hosting to VPS to dedicated servers. These are all backed up with fantastic service whether it’s by phone, chat or ticket submission. I have always found their support team to be really helpful and get any issue resolved really quickly.

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