It is one thing to know what you want to do and another to research and achieve it. Blogging is a career that could potentially rake in millions but in the same spirit kill off your love for writing.

It is important to understand and have direction as to your expectations from your blog. People suffer from burnout as they try to conceptualize what they would like. Now when I first started using TD Web Services, I had been referred by a friend. They were good and I stuck with them. Four months down the line, I was still trying to establish the muddle that was my blog. Here I was not only struggling with gaining readership, but I was also figuring out my niche. I mentioned it to my friend and she told me why not sign up for bloggers enclave?

What is it?

Bloggers enclave is a service offered by TD Web Services for their blogging community. Interested bloggers join in and there is a moderator who covers queries in an agenda based on the progress of the previous week. What was even more exciting was that they had their expert staff do individual blog appraisals and help bloggers identify where they might be losing out.

What it is to me?

I think this was one of the most brilliant things they could come up with. I have attended to sessions to date and the face and content of my blog has become what I had visualized. In addition to assisting with the layout and content, they offered another one up.

They cover a host of topics every new blogger needs to know but does not know it initially. From monetization to gaining readership, it sure beats googling about it and trying to make head of it.

What you gain

Since this is a support for bloggers who may be interested, they even offer a free ad server service. What is that? Well this is where all registered bloggers on TD Web Services have free use of an ad server. What this means is that: other providers leave you to struggle and gain readership and then when you finally do you have to take up ad servers or have someone decide what ads to stream on your site. TD Web Services reduces that annoying little fact by letting you feature your own ads that you select at no additional cost.

That means that as you are growing your opportunity to monetize is not hampered. You are still able to earn commissions and feature ads on your site.

In addition to affordable honest hosting, that I genuinely believe to be the best (and I have done some experiences), this for me has proven that TD Web Services is a treasure island. And their expert staff with the help they gave (thanks Richard, Alec) it has me there every weekend.

The sessions are held every weekend on Saturday on the TDWS chat server and bloggers get to meet as a community in addition to finding growth from each other’s experiences. There is also a bloggers enclave group  and forum on TDWS Community.

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