I got my first ad on my site! – Xandre

I made my first commission – Annette

Here’s the thing, we are all excited. I do not think any of us would have been here were it not for the bloggers enclave.

Bordering on jumping up, it has single handedly made blogging a reality and venture that we can undertake as a career path eventually.

It may not make much sense to be excited about having an ad on your site, unless of course you have tried blogging and know how hard that can be without the right mentorship. Coming from a group that had no idea where we wanted to take our blogs, I would say we are getting ready to go pro.

In addition to receiving better readership and following, it has made the blogging vision clearer.

I asked a handful of the bloggers that have attended this forum to tell me what they feel they have gotten of this experience so far.

Bloggers speak

My previous service was only good for my eye, I had content that was barely read and no idea on what was going on. I was trying to achieve ROI and I was struggling. After I joined bloggers enclave and TD Web services, looks like I will achieve that. 🙂 – Annette

I was all over the place trying to get my blog read and I was losing readers instead. When Richard appraised my site and told me what to look into, it completely changed. I started getting my readers back and they love the new look. I also got my first ad placed on my site. – Xandre

Gosh, my site barely getting by on AdSense. I was just entertaining my readers. When I joined bloggers enclave it was to place ads on my site, till I learnt that though I had my own domain name, I was on a free service hence no control over ads on my site. I wish i had been aware of this last year! – Carolyne

The forum is informative and I learnt how to run my business blog. There is a whole difference when you are writing as a blogger and operating a company blog. The two are not synonymous. – Ernex

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