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100 TDWS Enterprise Mail Boxes as well as a free SSD Upgrade! Alongside these perks, you also get 50% MONEY BACK as credit to your account. Hurry up, the deals are priced to move!

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TDWS Cloud Servers

TDWS Cloud Servers offer similar capabilities as dedicated servers albeit elastic in a way. Unlike physical servers, can be re-sized and scaled up or down at any time. In addition they offer enhanced resilience against downtime. These reasons and many more, have made TDWS Cloud Servers a favorite of enterprises as well as developers

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TDWS vDesktop
Hosted Exchange
TDWS Business Hosting

We don’t believe in offering you “unlimited plans” that actually require costly upgrades in order to meet your expectations and requirements. We believe that you should only pay for the resources that you need, period. Our shared hosting packages match these needs giving you the reliable platform of your own private server, hassle free set-up and a great low price. Shared website hosting in a whole offers a better hosting platform.

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