In today’s environment enterprises want services that are almost ubiquitous yet simple easy and reliable. The enterprises want products like cloud which enables them to have access to their files on any gadgets and also to share them with other people for instance partners or employees.

With the availability of cloud file sharing services that are affordable, accessible and easy to use there will be more freedom and choice than there has ever been before. One of the pioneers in this service was Dropbox and it was expeditiously adopted by other such enterprises eagerly. TD Web Services is one of these organizations.

One of the reason as to why cloud sharing services are so popular is the fact that their adoption requires no infrastructure hence no budget expenditure and installation is swift with no IT involvement. There is concern with regards to security about the data uploaded especially since compliance will require the knowledge and control over the data’s location. However, with TD Web Services this and other concerns are addressed as covered below and efficiency and productivity in the enterprise are increased.

TDWS Cloud File-Sharing Product

Cloud Storage

Where file sharing is concerned, companies will attest to having tried using e-mails, USB sticks and FTP site which are cumbersome and clunky. An online storage is obviously a much more appropriate choice. With its ease of use and usability and it’s noteworthy cross platform compatibility to different devices cloud services in and here to stay.

Multiple Folder Synchronization

While using cloud services, one folder can be used as the synchronization point and a background sync that is automated with the service’s servers is triggered by the changes in the sync folder. This results in an upload of the data onto the cloud server and is stored there and can be accessed from this point on any other device by an authorized person.

TD Web Services supports a multi-folder sync which enables any selected for synchronization with no restraint on the sum of folders or their location.

Cloud file-sharing

TD Web Services file and sync share solution enables users to set up a joint cloud storage workspace which enables them to utilize shared team workspaces. It also enables file syndication (one-to-many or few-to-many). One of the notable advantages of this service is that with any adjustment to the folder and or file it saves all previous versions which enables conflict resolution in case of divergent file versions. It also allows bidirectional synchronization of folders on user PCs with each other.

The custom package includes storage sync and collaboration feature which entails ability to give email attachments, send file links or share public folders

Cloud file-sharing front ends

Its file sync and share is inclusive of numerous platforms with control authorizations over access by groups and users to folders and files LDAP authentication and auditing. Also inclusive in this is the software agents for Mac, Linux and windows. TD Web Services allows the IT department to log all file access and sync events for auditing purpose hence giving aligned surveillance over who and how the data is shred with for security purposes as well as regulatory compliance.

TD Web Services as a company is a listening and caring partner dedicated to helping its clients attain what they require regardless of the business size. And as such gives give only the best to its esteemed clients. With use of our cloud server services in your business efficiency and productivity will increase because of its ease of use.

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