As any good website owner will tell you, finding a good host that will fit and tend to your needs can be a bit challenging. Yet for a good web business you need to find the most suitable host for you.

There are a lot of servers out there so that does not help the decision making process and a lot of the times people often try several web hosting companies before settling on the one whose services they find most ideal for them.

My case is no different. I tried quite a few for a while the settled on one finally. I choose to work with TD Web Services for my website. The second in running was BlueHost. Having used their services for a while but still not content with their services I was in search of a better service provider more suited to my needs. This is where TD Web Services came in.

BlueHost is one of the oldest most reputable shared hosting companies on the internet while TDWS maybe younger but definitely a more global provider of hosted IT infrastructure. My reasons for the shift range from pricing to usability support to hosting features and extra features. This review is based on experience and both companies’ guides.


Let’s dive in. with pricing, TDWS starts off its prices with $3.00/month while BlueHost has its minimum price set at $3.95 that’s almost a dollar more! And with that their prices only get higher. While looking to make money you want to cut on cost as much as possible every dollar counts. Sure they have coupons but so does TDWS and again even in the coupons TDWS has helped me save so much more.


When you’re ready to migrate servers, you need help doing it to ensure a seamless experience for your clients. While Blue Host does offer this service, TDWS actually does it for free. If that is not admirable enough their team of professionals also interact with you and answer any questions you may have regarding the migration. I especially loved this because it gave me peace of mind as well as gave me insight on my site’s operation and other parameters surrounding it.


In terms of usability, for a client looking for long-term usability and flexibility, BlueHost will offer the services to meet the nature of the project you require. TDWS however not only offers the same feel but it also has an easier set up for beginners and a more adaptable interface.  TD Web Services is the excellent choice for business websites or a growing blog with 1GB storage and 20 GB monthly bandwidth and so much more at only $3.00.


For anyone with a website, the uptime guarantee is very essential. While both these companies offer excellent uptime in case of the all inevitable downtime I trust my website to TDWS only. My reason for this is simple and clear. They offer daily backup service. BlueHost counterparts have a weekly backup system in their starter package. Can you possibly imagine how much you would lose should your site crash within the 6 days until next backup?


For blogs and growing businesses it’s all about branding. You need your email accounts which help you market your brand. The more accounts bearing your brand name the better. The TD Web Services offer made more sense to me. With unlimited email accounts and email storage space all your staff get and use the email for work purposes. This is most important since they interact with each other as well as the outside world on it. This undeniably creates brand awareness to their peers as well as projects professionalism. It is excellent if for long term use. BlueHost offers 100 email accounts and only 500MB storage. When making a comparison between unlimited and 100 and 500MB it’s clear to see how I can be favored toward TDWS.


A feature that stole my heart is the cloud storage offered by TDWS. For any new and growing business and or blog sharing between staff is something to be considered. And with cloud storage access to your work wherever you are on whichever device you choose to have is simply amazing. Not only do they offer the option for cloud storage but also give you a whole 25 GB worth of space with their lowest business hosting package. That is more than enough to store important files. The sync and share comfort that comes with it is also quite advantageous. BlueHost disappointingly have not considered it as a service to offer in their starter pack.

In conclusion, when I weighed my options between my two choices it was clear to me I would get my money’s worth from TD Web services. While BlueHost is a much larger company it may not necessarily be the best option for my needs.

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