If you are an affiliate blogger with experience, and you have never tried to launch Facebook ads, then this is the perfect time.

The population of people on Facebook is over a billion which would provide an adequate audience were you to launch an ad, while you still enjoy the privileges of using their already successful ad systems. This option beats other advertising methods because of the flexibility involved. It also saves you a lot of time and effort which you can dedicate elsewhere.

Below are a few reasons why a Facebook campaign can benefit your business and help expand your reach.

Automated Demographic Targeting.

Like I just mentioned, the large audience readily available on Facebook allows you to change settings and target a certain demographic for your ads. If you wanted to set an ad for a dating site for young adults in a certain region, you can set an age limit of 18-30 and choose to show it in selected location for people interested in finding their match.

Forget Annoying keywords

Back when pay per click marketing was the thing, you could have a profitable campaign until Google came in and controlled how ads were served. This brought the introduction of a quality score which started filtering ads and started getting annoying when an ad you would be working on was omitted for another. With Facebook, there is less of this annoying issues as you can finally:

  • Reach a specified target audience based on interest.
  • Pay depending on how much you want for clicks.
  • Get instant traffic from Facebook
  • See performance of your ad quickly.


Because of its global reach, Facebook is a good avenue to launch business ads.

By expanding to other countries, you can expect an impact based on how many registered members are outside the United States. This is where target demographic comes into play.

Just take a look at the following chart from Statista.com to see the number of Facebook registered users as at May 2014 and see how much you would be missing out if you did expand

sanista flow chart


Now that you see the ready market available on Facebook, let us get down on the basics of launching your ads.

In order to achieve your goal with Facebook ads, and I already assume you are an affiliate for a product or company, in my case TDWebServices.com.

All you need is an ad graphic of the product you are promoting and at the preferred size.

You can check the infographic guide below from Adweek.com to see the different Facebook ad types that you need.

facebook ad infograph

The next step is creating an ad which really is the simplest part. If you don’t already know this, all you have to do is go to ad creation within your ad account and select the parameters or the objectives you want.

On the dropdown menu, you will select what and how you want to advertise.

If you enter a click to website option (CTW), you will enter the url for the destination you want people to go.

When finished, click continue and your ad should be live in seconds!

So there you have it, a new way of earning on top of your affiliate blog or any other method you use for promotion.

This leading global social meeting point is one of the most effective asset for social and affiliate marketers.

If you have experience with Facebook ads or just have a few questions on how to set up everything from scratch, drop me a line on the comment section below and we can have a chat about it.

For a chance to earn extra income with affiliate and social marketing hand in hand, here is a good place to start > https://tdwebservices.com/affiliate/

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