In my last post on building a website for affiliate marketing, I taught you the basic requirements of setting up a running blog/site. For this second part of the same topic, I will dive into one of the most important requirements of affiliate marketing for bloggers, content.

Content is regarded as a valuable tool in marketing because quality content will explain, inform and convince a reader to see the importance of taking your call to action. If the action is to buy something, then the more the better for you.

When you read about the top earning blogs in the world, you can see how quality content continues to top the charts in popularity of websites and blogs in relation to income.

An average affiliate manages to convert only 0.5-1% of their readers to customers. That means 1 sale per every 100-200 of visitors referred to the advertiser’s page.

That is a relatively low percentage considering the potential that lies in being better with your content.

A reasonable conversion rate should be between 2.5-6% depending on the product you are selling.

To get those kind of numbers, you must stay consistent with all that makes your website a success but most importantly, make your content just as intriguing.

Content is the secret to the numbers.

Let’s take a look at how this is so. When you create value around a product you are promoting, trust to your customers to take an interest in it. Remember that you are not doing this for the sake of it, your credibility also matters so save a few lines to highlight the drawbacks of a product if any.

Proceed to give your customers enough information on why they need a certain product and offer them the choice to proceed with a decision. You may follow up with informative articles, newsletters and reports to further your chances for conversions.

That kind of precision will give you a level up above competition. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can generate content on your site. Consider incorporating all or most of the methods you will learn in your site.

Although I am an advocate for self-written content, outsourcing is always a viable option. This means you don’t have to be a writer to have great content on your site.

As you will notice, not all methods of content creation involve writing.

Generate Your Own Content

The best thing about writing your own material is that you can install your personality in there and people who find you interesting will follow your page.

Over time, you will develop friendships and good rapport which will make your recommendations easy and more effective.

Freelance Content

You can hire a ghostwriter from platforms for freelancers and delegate some of the writing and creative work.

Always hire a quality writer for good results and always make sure to double check the work after it’s done to correct all possible errors. Remember your readers consider the content you post on your site to be authorized by you.

Buy Resale & Private label rights

You can purchase eBooks, articles and reports from content sellers and use this to keep your blog updated.

This method involves acquiring editable word documents and text files to which you can later add your material, edit signatures, titles and author name. Compared to the methods listed above, private label rights is a more expensive way of acquiring content.

To keep visitors interested, consider posting the first paragraph of interesting articles on your auto responder systems but leave a link to the complete post on your website to increase traffic and bring back readers to your site.

Acquire Content from Public Domains

This method involves getting material from expired copyrighted work on public. They mainly consist of books, poems and articles which you can copy and modify to your liking.

This is a common practice, once you make changes to a public domain material, it becomes your property and receives automatic copyright similar to the original.

Borrow a Page from Other Authors

The internet has a good number of article directories that allow the reader to use the content on your project free of charge. The only condition in most cases is that you would be so kind as to leave a link back to their site for a portion of the credit.

There is a small disadvantage on the linking part as most are not affiliate related and are not capable of earning you anything. You can’t have too many links on your site redirecting elsewhere for free else you would just be a stop gap to others.

I would advise having content with minimal linking requirements.

Channel Your Content

Having developed content from any of the methods above, proceed to repurpose your content through various channels on your site.

This means formatting the content to fit your target audience through the channels they are most likely to visit. Not all your readers can read your newsletters, emails, audio readers, articles etc and vice versa.

Knowing how to reuse your content to target your readers through these channels is crucial to expanding your reach.

Those are but a few sure ways of ensuring a good flow of content on your site. Use the methods above with ingenuity to keep you blog fresh at all times.

Remember to also be imaginative and keen on any methods and ideas that can develop your website, after all this is a business that needs to grow.

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