Twitter has the potential to drive traffic to your blog, get more eye-balls on your content, promote your products/services and increase your influence on the social web. It can be used to engage a community that needs you and be beneficial in a huge way. Having followers on twitter is good but having relevant followers is even better. There are a few things to get done initially. These include:


The first thing you should do is create an interesting bio. You should get a good profile picture preferably of yourself as people like to know who they are talking to. For companies a picture of your brand or logo will do.

Then the next step is getting a good cover photo.  The cover photo should merge with the profile picture or its color scheme if the account is for corporate purposes.


The next thing is to create an interesting description of you. Using 140 characters to describe you or your brand may seem like a challenge but it is quite possible. Use this platform to tell the world who you are or what your brand or site is about. If you have a blog or website then a link to it should be attached which will allow followers to click on it. Once that is done, now we can get to work.

How to get started?

In general, Building a relevant Twitter following comes down to four core concepts:

  • Find and follow relevant people.
  • Tweet content that will be interesting to your target audience.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Promote your Twitter account through other channels.

Now to get started.

Creating links

One of the most effective ways to get followers is to already use people who know you or your product or brand. If you have a blog you wish to market or a website you should then create a follow to twitter link. When people log on to your site or web page they will then click on your twitter account so they can get regular easy updates from your account. Another way is to get your LinkedIn account and your email account on board with this. People you know and are aware of your product and relevant to your trade will automatically start following you.

Start following

It is also helpful to follow other people that share in your craft as well. This is helpful in that not only do you now have people with similar interests, but you can also re-tweet their tweet to your followers which shares information with your followers as well as keeping you active. Basically, you should try to follow major influences in your market and others who have managed to share great content that relates to what you want to tweet and share.

Create lists

You should create a twitter list so that you do not end up flooded by tweets made by all the people you follow. Using the List feature on Twitter, you can create a list of people under a certain topic and collect all their tweets under a separate roof than your own timeline. Twitter lists help you connect and stay in touch with your target audience. It´s easy to engage with your target audience when you can easily check what they are doing on Twitter and Twitter lists help you do just that.

Start tweeting

Once you have some followers, start tweeting about yourself, your blog, your brand or your business. Keep the tweets relevant to your target audience. As mentioned earlier, re-tweet from people in your same field. It will increase your content and followers. It also helps keep your account active when you have no material to tweet. Tweet inspirational quotes. Quotes often get a lot of re-tweets and because people enjoy reading them they share them with others.

Join group chats

Join a twitter chat. Every week, groups within various industries get together on Twitter to talk about a topic. By joining these chats and engaging with others, you’ll get the opportunity to meet new people in your sector, play the role of an industry insider, and learn valuable information. Some notable chats include #CustServ, #blogchat, #tchat, #HBRchat, and #mediachat.


Tweet relentlessly. Many of us have spare pockets of time that we could put to use. For instance, tweet while commuting to and from work on the bus or train. Tweet while on the bike at the gym, during commercials of your favorite shows; tweet while in the waiting room for the dentist. It is important also that you do not send multiple tweets in a short amount of time. Use buffers or time them to be sent out periodically.

Follow back the people that follow you. Engage them in conversation and chat with them. Even if they do not reply immediately @mention them and this will result in their followers following you which can only be good for you. The use of hashtags can also be effective as it puts your tweets in clusters with others in the same field. However when choosing your hashtag it is important to choose it wisely because some are overused meaning that your tweet gets lost in multitude of tweets while others are underused meaning that your tweet does not get the views it deserves.

When tweeting don’t limit yourself to words only, use images, links, edited images etc. Also favorite tweets, yours and other peoples and feel free to pin them on your profile. This will give people a better idea of who you are and they are more likely to follow you.

By using this tips watch as your twitter following grows by the tweet.

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