If you are an affiliate marketer, or plan to venture into Affiliate Marketing, it is mandatory to have an email list, blog, social media account or any other promotional avenue available to you in order to place affiliate links that sends readers to the merchants landing page with the intention of making sales or action.

In this tutorial however, I am going to concentrate more on building a website as this is the most commonly used affiliate avenue bragging the strongest potential for growth.

In a three part series, I am going to show you all the tit bits on how you can start your own website, set it up and start running affiliate programs.

The first step of course, is choosing a niche. This means choosing a topic in a category you are familiar with and blogging about it to your readers.

Plan & Build Your Affiliate Marketing Website

Having chosen a niche, it’s time to lay down a plan of execution.
You will learn how to choose a domain name, choose a superb web hosting service (ignore the free hosting services for reasons you will learn), and the three basic site building options. Before you register your domain name, please check out the hosting options I will recommend for your site.

Choosing the right domain name

This is your identity on the web and it represents your business or blog. Before you go on calling your domain some funny names, make sure to go through these regulations.

Make it dot com

This is a standard and commonly used web address and it comes first in mind for most people.

Make it relevant

Make sure to include one or two keywords related to the topic you are blogging about in your domain name. You can visit Wordtracker.com to determine which keywords in your topic are searched he most.

Make it memorable

Choose a memorable title for your domain but keep it simple. Shorter names are easier to remember.

Avoid Hyphens

Make sure to avoid a hyphen on your title as people often tend to forget to add it. People with a similar domain without a hyphen tend to get your traffic instead.

Make it easy to Spell

A bad domain will contain hyphens, numbers and other elements that can make your domain harder to spell. Keep it simple and readable. TravelAdvice.com is better than Travel-advice55.com.

Beware of trademark infringement

A trademark is a brand, logo, icon, title or any other item registered to a third party ownership and that means it cannot be reproduced. To avoid legal disputes, buy a domain that is not related and or copyrighted, because the winner is almost always the one who owns the trademark.

Here is brief breakdown to help you understand the rules of trademark and copyright.

Options to build your site

Building a website can be easy or difficult depending on how you choose to do it.
There are various ways to get your site up and running and this can include anything from HTML, Dreamweaver to a free WordPress blogging software. To make sure you do this the right way, carefully observe the options I have listed below for your guidance.

Hire a professional

You should find a web designer who is capable of bringing your ideas to life. This method may require a fee depending on who you work with but if your imagination can be brought to life, then why not?

This option, just like many others out there, has its tweaks as well in that time inconvenience or artistic difference between you and your web designer can be an issue. However, always strive to get the best results in a time that you have set.

Use a site builder

A site building platform like ‘weebly.com’ can bail you out of a site building dilemma with cool features that especially suit an affiliate marketer. It doesn’t require extensive site research and hence saves time and money by providing a neat package with all the requirements needed.

Do It Yourself Blog

This is another good option of starting your website and compared to the others, it relies on blog technology and free software which are readily available in the market.

A blog is basically a simplified type of website that allows the user to log in and edit content with ease via a web-based platform.

Content is mostly arranged in order of recent posts and can be grouped according to needs. This method has simplified the chore of website building in many ways.

WordPress is one of the most popular blog providers as it’s easy to setup which allows basically anyone to start their own site in minutes.

Ideal Web Hosting Service for Affiliate Marketing

Choosing a web host is the last and very important part of your journey to getting online and joining affiliate programs.

A web host is a service that keeps sites online by hosting and storing websites via servers.

Choosing a perfect hosting company that suits your needs shouldn’t be that hard, if you know what to look out for.

You need a hosting company with an affordable price (free web hosting is not always good for professionals), reliable, offers 99% uptime or higher, has great bandwidth, a 24 hour technical support and your own control panel. These are minimum requirements to say the least.

I also recommend a web hosting service company with their own in-house servers and quick customer service. Having owned busy sites in my affiliate marketing career, I was sometimes frustrated by downtime and when you find yourself in a similar situation and the solution is not instant, it will affect your site.

My obvious reaction at that point was to move into a faster and more reliable, web hosting solution which so far, I have found with TD Web Services.

Those are the steps needed to get your website up and running. On my next article, you will learn how to customize your site and add quality content that gets people to visit your site.

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