To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to take advantage of every helpful tool that comes your way.

To get the best out of ShareAsale, you need to learn all the quick tools needed to launch a productive affiliate marketing campaign.

It is necessary to fully equip yourself with these tools as they enable you to stay in check with the latest offers, valuable newsletters and general communication from advertisers.

The following step by step guideline will help you find the necessary tools needed to promote your programs on ShareAsale.

Links and Banners

The best converting traffic comes from product links as they enable you to sell to your readers before they leave your site. You need to be logged in to your affiliate account to see this menu.

To get banners, click on, Get Link/Banner button. Here you will access the merchant’s promotional materials.


2Choose between banners and text links and generate the code by clicking the creative you want for use.


To get the code, simply copy it.


Deep Linking

The deep linking tool is used when you want to link to any page within a website. The objective is to send your audience to a certain page that will lead them to take an action eg make a sale.

Copy the page you want to send the reader to and go to your ShareAsale account to customize it.

To access it, go to Links and click on Create a Custom Link as shown below;

5The button takes you to ‘Create a Custom Link Page’ where you get other fields waiting to be filled.

Choose your merchant from the drop menu and enter the destination URL you copied earlier.




Click the ‘Create Custom Link’ button to finalize and copy the link as it’s now ready for use.

8Coupons and Deals

Coupons and deals entice customers hence are essential to your promotion. Be keen on new offers coming from merchants and always know where to find them.

On ShareAsale, you can access the coupons and deals page by simply clicking;

Merchants >View Coupons and Deals Database.

9Choose your merchants from the menu and check the offers available.

10The code generated will have the discount in it.

11Newsletter Previews

Newsletters are the easiest way of receiving monthly updates and latest offers from merchants. To access merchant newsletters on ShareAsale, go to Links > Get a Link/Banner. This will bring a list of your merchants. Click on the specific merchant to view more details and then click on ‘Past Newsletters’. This gives you a list of newsletters for the period of time you have been partners.12Affiliate Aquarium

The ShareAsale aquarium is where you can engage, access different blogs and network with other affiliates to learn and grow. Go to ‘Merchants then click > Engage Merchants.

13You can update your status, add friends, write and read blog posts.



Please feel free to share any other tools you use in the comment box below 😉

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