If you are a blogger/internet marketer with an eye for a good opportunity when you see it, then affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get rewarded online.

Not only is it profitable and effective, it is also flexible and comes with a freedom of operation that is shared between the advertiser and the publisher. The advertiser rewards commissions for the marketer’s efforts while the marketer works towards pushing referrals, sales or specific action.

In many sites and other platforms nowadays, affiliate marketing is a vastly growing practice for marketers both the new and old. Marketers only need to have a platform to promote a product from the advertiser, not invent anything, which is the best part.

You will find different advertisers in various niches ready to work with you and depending on the level of experience, the affiliate can earn between a few dollars to six figures depending on the program.

The lucrative factor of many programs out there will mostly depend on the niche and its popularity.Some niches like web hosting and health rank high in popularity and an affiliate should always be well equipped on the best methods of promotion and be on the lookout for the programs with good potential and reward.

To get the best out of any program you promote, first educate yourself on the best strategies to incorporate in your tools of trade.

The tips below are market-proven guidelines to an effective affiliate campaign.

While majority of the methods don’t require anything more than time to pull off, some demand a little more time and monetary investment depending on targets and how far you need to go for that extra buck.

Pay per Click, as it is known, is the most common method used by affiliates to promote products. It is more so a bidding tactic based on the keywords connected to a product or service you want to market.
Learning more on google ad words and how they work is vital as this will take you a step further to better results in terms of what sells and what doesn’t.

This is a more challenging method but also popular among affiliate marketers. It requires increasing the visibility of a page, website or blog via organic/natural results. It works better in the long run so don’t expect its impact immediately.

This involves promoting a product or service by giving out redeemable coupons under the approval by the advertiser. Frugal and savvy buyers and shoppers are always on the lookout for such opportunities so as to save or get cash back offers. Many affiliate sites promote coupons and it is one of the popular methods for getting quick gains and success.

Incentives/ Loyalty
This type of websites continue to grow hand in hand with consumer trends and how people shop online. They derive their name from giving out incentives to consumers through different forms of rewards like cash, points, gifts, merchandise, miles, and donations to charity.

Email lists are vital to a marketing campaign. They enable end to end communication between the marketer and subscribers and a good opportunity to send out promotions through monthly newsletters.

Social Media
This is an interesting and hot platform for internet marketers and it is tipped to get even bigger and more diverse. Understanding the ins and outs of social media marketing is invaluable to an affiliate marketer in today’s world.

You can create and post quality content on a blog to attract new readers and grow with them. Providing a constant source of reviews, informative posts of products or talking about a niche will get traffic to your site, listen to your insights and probably follow some of your recommendations.

Article Distribution
Writing and posting your articles in a directory is an effective way of getting needed traffic to your site as anyone interested in the topics you post will mostly likely follow through via link or byline.

Paid directory listing
For a fee, you can get a significant increase in traffic when you get a listing in the biggest, market leading directories. For a fee that can rise up to $300 for companies like Yahoo, you stand to be impressed by the kind of impact such an investment can create for your site.

Free Directory Listing.
You will find directories with all types of niches, especially new directories, ready to list your site for free. Others may only demand a reciprocal link in return which is fair enough.

Syndicate your content with RSS
If you want to gain a bigger audience, make your content available via RSS feeds (Real Simple Syndication). Every time a post is made, the subscribers are alerted in real time via notifications.

Forums work just like message boards where members post their messages for people to read. Different forums have specific themes and topics and the more you post relevant material the more you gain credibility. You can promote your links in such forums to get followers.

Email signature
This works by including a signature for every email you send out. Recipients develop curiosity for the certain phrase and click to know more.

Blog commenting
Posting a valid opinions or informative comments on a busy blogs and leaving your signature can get you followers who in turn visit your blog.

Social Bookmarking sites
Adding social media buttons to your blog/site makes it easier for readers to share or save your content. They can also bookmark it and visit again in the future.

Link Trading and Blogrolling
Just like blog commenting with the aim of increasing links, link trading or blogrolling also benefits your blog.
Exchanging links with other sites within your niche can be beneficial.

Advertise in Ezines
There are thousands of Ezines published every day with topics similar to the content you might be sharing. Advertising on Ezines is a beneficial practice and it is also low cost but effective.

Issue Press Release
You may promote a product through an online survey or review and publish the findings on a press release with details of how others also benefit from the product. This shows openness towards your readers and improves the image of the product.

Classified ads
You can reach a large audience by posting in the classified sections of a local, regional or international publication.

Publish your url
An outside of the box method of promoting a brand or site where you go a step further and print the url of your domain on personal items like tshirts, mugs, hats etc. Sharing these materials with friends and family members will also help spread your message. People may remember your url and check out your site later.

Tell friends and family about your site or any similar project because with family, you will likely get free advertising as a means of support.

If you follow the above methods in detail, you are bound to get success.

Although results may vary based on market and type of product, keep an eye on the evolving methods of affiliate marketing to be sure you don’t miss out on the latest tactics of the trade.

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