Many individuals all over the world looking to power their blogs and website with ease all run to WordPress for help. It is currently one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) there is. Given its URL structure is very SEO friendly, it is not difficult to see why it is so popular with the digital marketers and the web masters alike.

From the very start, WordPress has been designed and aligned to comply with the algorithms that Google has laid in place. This is to mean that the Domains used with WordPress are easily indexed by the search engine Google, enabling the sites to appear when internet users search keywords that are related to the particular WordPress site. It is because of this fact that many WordPress gurus and SEO specialists find it very easy to work within the frameworks of WordPress to improve the ranking of a site for certain keywords, with very little effort and push towards the right direction.

Below we outline some of the top SEO advantages that stand to gain when you work with WordPress. Before we get into this, it is important to note that while it is not a must for you to be a renowned site developer to work with WordPress, it is important that an SEO specialists works to get your site the top ranking at the very top of Google’s search page.

Adding content to the site is very easy

One of the most important factors when it comes to SEO ranking is content. This is one of the major driving forces behind getting a high SEO ranking on Google and many other search engines. The fact that WordPress is very easy to work with, adding content to your site becomes a walk in the park. This makes blogging a breeze. On WordPress one just needs to create a blog post, then add the relevant keyword to your title. Once you add some tags and links here and there, all you have to do is click on ‘publish’. Then you can rest assured that you have helped the ranking of your site. Do this on a regular basis and your site will receive a lot of traffic beyond your wildest dreams. The ability to schedule posts also makes this easy as that means one can post  articles to be published at a later date. this makes it easy to manage content and time. It also promotes efficiency and organization as well.

Customizable permalinks

It is advisable that you use the keywords that you want to rank highly for in your URL. WordPress makes this very easy to do. Using customized permalinks helps Google to notice that you are using the terms that you are looking to rank for and increases your odds of appearing on Goggle’s first page.

WordPress is Open Source

Believe it or not WordPress is free for all to use. This is one of the advantages of OpenSource the other being that the updates are regular and transparent.This is good news for all business owners who are just starting out and are looking to have their presence felt on the internet. The costs of reaching out to the internet users is low with WordPress. The constant upgrades that it gets also makes it very easy to keep up to date with the updates on Google’s ranking algorithms. This is to mean that with this CMS, you will always be presented with the best SEO practices there is.

RSS feeds that are built in

Well, to understand this benefit, you first have to know and understand what RSS feeds is. Well, to put it plainly, RSS (Rich site summary/Really simple Syndication) is what allows the internet users to keep track of their best sites, without having to manually visit the site. People can read content through their mails and feed reader. With that in mind, you probably can already picture how advantageous it is to SEO. With this feature, you will get to maintain your followers who are subscribers to your post. This will in turn get you on Google’s good graces and rank higher.

Clean code

WordPress generates one of the cleanest code there is. This helps to minimize the chances of people adding malicious code to the site’s code as Google can easily spot the malicious codes and send out a warning in the SERPs of the site that is affected.


Needless to say, WordPress is full of plugins, giving your site additional functionality, helping both the end user as well as the web master. The plugins help to customize your site to function on a variety of platforms such as Woocomerce, for eCommerce, and Carousel for images and many more.

And with that, we end the list of SEO advantages that you stand to reap from WordPress, one of the top CMS platforms.

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