One of the surest ways of popularizing or letting people know about your startup is by using PR. It significantly helps in recruiting, fund raising, business development as well as enhances overall morale of the company. Despite the fact the process can arduous especially if you have no prior experience, it is possible to get good media coverage without necessarily spending a fortune hiring an agency. Journalists are always happy and ready to write good stories about promising businesses whose services or products solve a particular problem in the society. However, you need to pitch them the right way in order to get their attention.

Here are some fundamentals that you should adhere to when pitching them.

Personalize It

It is important to note that most news outlets do not personality write about startups. Instead they have individual writers who have the writing skills and ability to do so. Also, they have different areas of interests hence it is important to take time to look at their profiles and bios. Read about articles that they have written in the past so as to make the right choice. Once you have made your final decision, go ahead and contact them by sending personalized pitch to each journalist one at a time. Woe unto you if you just copy paste pitches as they are very skilled and capable of knowing if indeed you took time to craft it. Of course you need to have a list of several journalists to diversify your chances of getting chance to interact with one. Also note that they love including real numbers, facts and proofs in their articles hence add some in your pitch. For example, you can start the message by greeting the journalism by his name. On the same point, never guess if you are not sure about his or her name as this can paint a negative picture of your startup.

Strive to Disseminate Facts Not Mere Opinions

Instead of just disseminating stories about your startup, it is recommendable to back up what you are saying with real proof or evidence that can be substantiated if need be. For example, saying that your sales increased by 500% works better than just saying your sales improved dramatically. Again, it is a good idea to include a timeframe is such statements to pain a positive picture to the target audience and lure them to do business with you. Based on this fact, entrepreneurs need to carry out background research on their business model by looking at other businesses offering similar services. Otherwise, use of false or unrealistic figures can hinder your business from growing by tainting your reputation. Networking and outsourcing with other entrepreneurs who successfully managed to get media coverage when starting their business can furnish you with golden tips and information on how to pitch.

Be Patient

To succeed in life, you need to be patient. Even the most profitable companies started from zero to where they are today. Hence even after pitching, it is advisable to give journalists even time to respond to your proposal. Note that you are not the only one looking for media coverage; there are hundreds if not thousands of other startups out there which are eagerly waiting on the list. More importantly, as you send the pitch note that competition attached to the most popular blogs is usually fiercer and so you better be ready to express and convince journalism why your startup is the best. One of the sure ways of doing this is by using captivating words and going straight to the point instead of using hundreds of words to just express one point that could have been describing using just one sentence. Grammar is essential when writing a startup pitch, ensure that you use the right words and obey English basic rules. No need to worry if you have no prior experience as there are professional writers out there who can write it for you at a price. If you decide to travel down this road, ensure that you give clear details to the writer to get the best results.

Finally, it is recommendable to wait for a couple of days or weeks before sending a reminder email or message. When should you move on to the next journalist? Well, there is no conclusive answer to this question as each of them has their own specific terms and conditions. Such are that you are on the list but you have to wait a little bit longer. Hence, before moving on to the next person, contact them just to be sure that they have turned down your offer. Remember to tweak your pitch if necessary to make unique and personal before sending it to the next journalist.

Now that you know how to get PR for startup, go ahead and come up with a quality pitch that resonates with your nature of your business.

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